by Ghost Cousin

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Amanda Palmer
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Amanda Palmer Esoteric. Songs for daydreams in the dark. A lovely addition to a crisp autumn walk. Makes you feel like you could float through walls. Beautiful. Favorite track: Healed Eyes.
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Scotland is our first full-length album. We recorded it ourselves, mostly at the McDougall United Church in Edmonton. Additional recording was done at Studio 2-7, our old Secret Ghost House, and a cabin at Pigeon Lake.

Watch the music video for "Breakfast and Tea"

We also made a live video of "In Any Place"

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released August 21, 2013

All songs written and performed by Ghost Cousin.
Production, engineering, CD design, and inside photo by Mathew Letersky.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.




Ghost Cousin Edmonton

Music from Edmonton, Alberta.

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Track Name: Breakfast and Tea
Sat down, waiting for me.
I asked for some tea.
I thought the morning would probably be
silent except for the old you and me.
In the car, hours before,
I heard my voice in no time at all.

The weekend ends.
Years have been spent.
When we're together,
I try to remember.
The comfort of knowing that
who I am now
is someone I'll be
even when you're around.

We spoke nothing at all.
This was the start.
A strange excitement was welling inside
I know was a growing reluctance to lie.
I was anxious and calm.
I heard your voice in no time at all.
Track Name: Healed Eyes
Black and white litter the floor
leading up to the door and out
onto the ice.
We'll stop on the way
at a warm place to stay.
Wouldn't that be nice?

And up with the sun we'll rise,
and turning away from your healed eyes,
I'll say it's all right and we'll compromise
for a while.

I can remember the day.
You were so far away.
What was I to do?
Cover my eyes and pretend
it was far from the end.
It meant more to you.

The dying sun, searing the sky,
reflected to me in your healed eyes.
I'll say it's all right and we'll compromise
for a while.

Black and white litter the floor,
and the strings all are torn
in this empty house.
For what would they says
when there's nothing today
left to talk about?
Track Name: Run Home
She slipped in the snow,
and he told her to empty her shoes.
The looks on their faces,
I guess that they thought I was bad news.
She scrambled to get it all together for me,
but I sent them on their way.

There was laughter behind me,
relief in the eyes of my friends.
'Cause you don't show your guns
to get money here.
If you do, it's assumed that they're done.

I'm not what I look like,
I think we're the same.
We both feel the same.
I'm just what I look like,
We're probably the same.
Track Name: Auntie Anne
Her mind clouded over, all over.
It's over.
There was nothing to do but keep
watching the news.

When an airplane went down, they all drowned.
Her boy had been on it.
He must have been on it.
He was probably on it,
now he's probably gone.

Left her to say,
“Don't you take him away!”

They said it's okay. Stay away, stay away,
and those tired old memories
surely will fade.
But they tangled and grew.
She's been mourning for you.
What to do? What to do? What do?

She's lost it all,
but he was never gone.

My son you've returned to me.
Track Name: All Those
If all those who knew her should write something about her.
This side is different, this other side is done.
You can't quite repeat it.
Teach me I'm listening.
Learn without thinking.
Oh, should I know what it is about you?

Should all those who knew her speak to me clearly,
slow and sincerely,
oh, what I'd learn.
But you can't quite repeat it.
Teach me I'm listening.
Learn without thinking.
Oh, should I know what it is about you?

So you move on to another, and you've left them to hang on your wall.
And she still remembers,
and she'd like to forgive you on her own.
But we can't all forgive you.
No, we can't all forgive you, though I'd like to forgive you.
Track Name: In Any Place
It's been months since he's been gone,
but he hasn't bought a thing.
How long 'till he leaves before
he remembers anything?

They brought themselves into his house
and left what they could bring.

What he sees when he's asleep,
oh, it isn't what he sees.
The blank rooms impose upon
his youthful memories.

This is what it is, but it isn't home.

It's been months since he's been gone,
but hasn't done a thing.
Should he fall upon the wall,
he'll be swallowed by this place

He can lay down anywhere,
lay his head down anywhere.
Track Name: The Prairies
Oh, what a night!
Such a night for a fight.
What a night to get kissed
with a fist.

They line up to watch you,
and everyone's watching
this shining example
of all that they love.
It's all that they know.

But oh, what a miss!
It was hardly a kiss,
and you hardly went down
to the ground.

Now no one is watching.
You find yourself washing
down South Saskatchewan,
to wash up in a town
in the prairies.

Now you can go back,
finally go back.
Why don't you go back,
back where you think you belong?

Why won't you go back?
Here seemed right but it's wrong.
Track Name: An Old Song
An old song heard out on the ocean
at sunrise, only for moment.
The candles burn into the evening
in your eyes, wild and then returning.

There, standing by the window,
looking out upon the world.
Oh, still you will remember.
You'll remember now and ever.

The long nights find us all alone.
The others, somewhere on their own.
I'll hold you, pull you back to morning
and talk, too — talk until the daylight.

No, I won't let it go.
Tell me everything I don't know.
Oh, even if you don't know,
I'll be carrying you home.
Track Name: Take on Another One
Take on another one.
I don't know where to find him,
know how to find him.
I don't need to know.